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A Center for Optimal Performance in

Sports & Life


Decide what you want to upgrade in your life or sport and let’s get started

All of my experience comes down to this… helping you become the you that you want to be. I encourage you to stop by and try one of our classes, experience the 4 infinite lifestyle.

About Nioh Studio


Our Philosophy

4 Infinite Life is a full spectrum life and performance lifestyle.
What if we decide to tap in and hack all the infinite possibilities to upgrade your continuous success in sport & life?

We focus on quality input of mindful movement, NLP, breath work, meditations, food, liquid, and supplement intake, music and video choices, and more for your ultimate outcome!

The key is meeting u where u are, be it a teacher, adaptive situation, police officer, a stay at home mom, student, professional athlete, surgeon, postal worker, middle school athlete, front desk manager, etc. you WILL get amazing results!

4 Infinite Life  Wellness & Performance center will expose its members to the most efficient, effective, different and upcoming new productive methods.

All those involve will improve Strengthening, toning, mobility, flexibility, durability, agility, body awareness, balance, mind state management, breath  consciousness, environmental & social consciousness (athletes include speed, explosiveness & perhab)!

4 Infinite Life is multicultural, diverse environment, who’s clientele range from special needs to professional athletes

Our mission is to encourage healthy productive habits for optimal performance in sports and life! 


Extend to Win!

Did you know that extending the arms over your head will immediately elevate your self-esteem.

Our Classes


Back to the Playground 

Creative Flow Yoga 

Trilogy workout


H.I.T. strength

GTRY Gental Therapeutic Restorative Yoga

MPD Matrix Performance System 

Candle Light Yoga

Inner-Vision Yoga

Fascia Fitness

Dancing Breath Work 


Chi gong/ Tia Chi

Gental Flow Yoga

Toy Box


Sunrise Yoga 

Glutes Galore

Boxing circuit 

Athletic Movements

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