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4 Infinite Life

A Center for Optimal Performance in

Sports & Life

  • Extend 2 Win

    Did you know Biotensegrity is a term makes your Fascia (connective tissue) system a key component that ties all systems together? And contributes to you functionality. Therefore things you can do to keep upgrade your functionality/resiliency is healthy water uptake, big springy movements, yoga, foam rolling and massages.

  • Soothing Yoga with Live Music

    Inner Glow Yoga

    Every Sunday 11 am Bruce & JahBorn collaborate with challenging/ soothing poses and amazing live healing sounds and music!!!! 

  • Bruce Boyd Performance and Wellness Coach

    Bruce has over 39 years of experience in Fitness, Sports Performance, Motivation and overall Wellness. His extensive teaching experience includes Resistance, Weight and Functional training, Boxing, Pre-habilitation/ Rehabilitation, Yoga, Meditation, Conscious nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

    His passion and purpose for human development and transformation is infinite. He has inspired thousands of people to live significantly by taking care of themselves through balance, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and better thoughts and self talk.

    The spectrum of his clientele consists of Special needs/adaptive, professional, and amateur athletes, men, women, and children of all ages with various goals. 

  • Holistic Essential Ahtletic Training (H.E.A.T)

    Holistic Essential Athletic Training (H.E.A.T.) equips athletes of all ages with essentials from mindstate to slowing the game down to exceptionally quicks and explosiveness to outmaneuver opponents, while knowing how to stay healthy on and off the field.

4 Infinite Life

Who we are

4 Infinite Life is a Full spectrum Life and Performance Center. We decided to separate ourselves from the typical gyms as well as boutique fitness centers. Nevertheless still offering the weights, resistance, functional training, Pilates, yoga……as everyone does, however going beyond with a unique holistic approach. We are creating a community at the same time catering to all member’s and participants individual needs and desires. The key is meeting you where you are 4 Infinite Life Wellness & Performance center will expose its members to the most efficient, effective, and distinct training methods.
I guarantee consistent participants will improve Strengthening, muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, agility, balance, breath and body awareness (athletes include speed, explosiveness and pre habilitation)!

4 Infinite Life is multicultural, diverse environment, whose clientele range from special needs to stay at home moms to professional athletes. Our mission is to encourage healthy productive habits for optimal performance in sports and life!

What We Offer:

Our Services

Personal/Group Sessions

Starting with and assessment and goals, one on one or group training is 30 or 60 min sessions that are continually monitored for the entire duration. The sessions are set days and times that are coordinated with the trainer.

Perscription Board

Once the desired outcome is established participants will be prescribed a routine to meet the desired results. They will have the freedom to come whenever the center is open to do the workout. These sessions are not monitored for the full duration as the personal /group sessions.

Yoga Classes

Inner Glow Yoga Classes-Yoga with live music and beats held on Sundays 11am. A schedule will be provided and some classes will be outside and on rooftop settings. The month of May will add Tuesday and Thursday classes to the schedule.

Corporate Plans

Corporate planning involves, a company as a group having access to the center as scheduled or one of our professional Performance and wellness coaches coming to the site.

Infinite Performance Dome

This Will be an experience like no other, due to a one-of-a-kind patented invention, as the name implies. Sessions in the Infinite Performance Dome are limitless depending on your goals and desires.

Holistic Essential Athletic Training (H.E.A.T)

H.E.A.T. Holistic Essential Athletic Training: Group or Individual training strictly to improve athletic performance. This training will be based on sport and periodization depending on pre, post or during the season.


Therapy-Massages will be available Mondays and Fridays

If you desire to be in a clean uplifting environment that’s not your typical gym,
4 Infinite Life is it!

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